Trémolo Escuela de Música | Cartel Immunity Agreement
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Cartel Immunity Agreement

Therefore, the Commission considers that it is in the Community interest to reward undertakings which participate in such illegal practices and which are prepared to terminate their participation in the Commission`s investigation and to participate in the Commission`s investigation, independently of the other undertakings involved in the cartel. The interest of consumers and citizens in the detection and repression of secret cartels outweighs the interest of the fines imposed on undertakings which enable the Commission to detect and prohibit such practices. In the case of cartel activities that may have an impact on trade between Member States, it is urgent for the undertaking to consider whether it is appropriate to submit leniency applications simultaneously to the EC and other competition authorities within CEN. An application for leniency with the CMA is not considered a leniency application with the EC or another CBA within the CEN. The NEE leniency model was put in place to ensure that potential leniency applicants are not prevented from applying due to discrepancies between existing leniency programmes within CEN. . . .

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