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Fu Erasmus Learning Agreement

The grant agreements will be felt to you as soon as possible by email. The Erasmus team issues an original grant agreement which functions as the basis for the payment of the grant. All Erasmus students receive this agreement via e-mail and receive information about the payment modalities and the related rules and obligations. You can download the current Learning Agreement here: . If the two universities are exchange programmes requiring an apprenticeship agreement (Erasmus programme, Themis programme in Europe or Swiss-European Mobility Programme), please contact two apprenticeship agreements, one for the first semester of exchange at a partner university, one for the second semester of exchange at the other host university. The second apprenticeship agreement must first be submitted by the deadline for the summer semester (autumn). The grant is usually paid by the Erasmus Outgoing team in two installments. In the first few weeks of their studies abroad, Erasmus students receive about 70-80% of the total grant per group of countries. The balance will only be paid after receipt of all the necessary documents (Learning Agreement, Erasmus Confirmation of Stay, experience report, registration certificates, EU survey, Trancscript of Records). . If you are not intending to have academic achievements abroad recognized at the FU Berlin, you will receive a grant that is not funded by the EU. The lump sum amount will be 225 for 1 trimester, 450 for 2 trimesters, and 900 for 3 trimesters /2 semesters. Certificates issued too early or without a date of issuance are not accepted.

Therefore, you do not need to complete and not cede this section of the learning agreement. This section (tables E and F) is replaced by students from the Swiss-European Mobility Programme are invited by the host universities to submit the Learning Agreement on the form of the host university concerned. You don`t need to add a learning agreement to the FU form. The first and last day of the semester abroad must be specified, including the orientation and exam periods. Please the Erasmus team the original by post. Students are asked to submit the original paper version including an original signature and stamp of the host university.

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