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Internet Service Contract Agreement

In the event of a breach by the Customer of a provision under this Agreement, TH reserves the right to terminate the agreement and services provided to the customer in addition to any other remedies available to the client. B. Changes. The features and services available on the internet as a whole are changing and expanding steadily. In order to improve the Internet connection service and adapt it to these changing conditions, the Internet service provider may, at its sole discretion, add, delete or modify the Internet connection service by providing [the number] ([]) days before the written notification, provided that the Internet technology provider does not change the price during the service period (as defined in Appendix 1). In the event that the internet service provider significantly changes the internet connection service that PCT does not accept, PCT may terminate the agreement in accordance with item 11 (b) above. The Internet technology provider`s operating staff diagnose errors using the PCT`s technical connection and determine whether a device replacement is required. The PCT is responsible for the effective replacement. In the event of a breakdown of operating equipment purchased by the internet service provider and covered by the maintenance of the Internet technology provider, premium Internet service PCTs receive replacement equipment through the next business/day course. Given that the equipment must be clearly and adequately configured for the particular PCT environment prior to shipping, if the decision to replace the premises is made after [time], the Internet technology provider may only send the device the next business day, in which case it would arrive at the PCT two business days after the diagnosed failure.

PCTs that need to react more quickly should consider purchasing a four-hour on-site service response pack or one of the Internet service provider`s optional redundancy configurations. H. Network surveillance. Internet Technology Provider uses SNMP-based software to monitor the network. This software is associated with additional monitoring tools for non-SNMP devices, as well as domain name servers, NNTP and news servers and other network services. The monitoring software reports the state of the network on operator consoles and screens that are monitored all day. Changes in network status are recorded to allow the Internet technology provider to assess the responsiveness and availability of the staff network. TH does not accept an explicit or tacit guarantee, including, but not limited, that the link is tailored to a specific purpose. TH is not responsible for data loss resulting from delays, non-deliveries, erroneous deliveries or service interruptions, but which are caused.

The use of all information received by the TH network is done at its own risk. TH explicitly disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of the information obtained by the link. The Goal of the Internet technology provider is to use the PCT e-mail system so that SMTP internet emails can be sent and received through a single home or email gateway on the PCT network. However, achieving this goal depends on whether or not to install pct of its e-mail system. Internet Technology Provider works with the PCT during the activation planning phase to set defined dates for different parts of the facility. During this period, the PCT is invited to coordinate its installation dates with the Internet technology provider. If the PCT is unable to complete this schedule, acceptance of the installation and service billing initiation will not be delayed. L. Software and configuration support.

The Internet technology provider`s equipment maintenance fee covers software updates and configuration changes required for the router and CSU/DSU when devices for the website are purchased through the Internet technology provider.

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