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Residential Tenancy Agreement Registration

A lessor is the owner of an asset that is leased to the lessor as part of a contract. Here, the tenant makes a one-time payment or a series of periodic payments to the lessor in return for the use of the asset. Landlords (including housing companies and people renting student housing) must report rents to the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) and update the RTB in the event of a change in rent information. The lease creates a strong link between the landlord and the tenant, as the benefits and obligations are rationalized and defined in a specific way. The following must be included in a rental agreement: Subject to the terms of your tenancy agreement, you and your tenant may be responsible for the rates and rent of the state. The ratings and evaluation department and the Lands department offer a number of online services to facilitate payment. You should inform your tenant if you decide to sell your rented property. If no new agreement is reached between your tenant and the new owner of the property, the terms of the existing lease will continue to apply. Don`t forget to clarify with the tenant and the new landlord the responsibility for the repayment of the deposit to the tenant. This electronic package consists of a standard residential rental contract and a series of instructions for stamping, registering and submitting the CR109 form for a residential lease. The rental contract and model guide are available in English and Chinese.

The public can adapt and adapt and use the standard rental agreement to its own residential rental situation. The guidelines provide a detailed guide to the necessary steps the public must take to comply with the legal requirements for stamping, registration and submission of form CR 109 after signing a rental agreement. You must provide detailed information about the property when you register the lease (see above). The RTB website contains a checklist of the information you need to provide. You can view the public registry to verify that your lease has been registered. The RTB can take action against owners who do not register leases. Learn more on the RTB website. See also: The main clauses of a lease a lease agreement is a contract or agreement under which one party agrees to lease the property belonging to another party.

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