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School Canteen Agreement

This directive draws schools` attention to school canteen requirements. This page links schools to information on: The licensing agreement covers all private operators who rent an existing building on land on land that receives crown rent, such as schools.B. When schools relocate canteen services to a third party, schools must also enter into a licensing agreement with the third party – see Community Use of Schools – Hiring, Licensing and Community Use Agreements Policy for information on licensing agreements and models. Schools can apply to schools Procurement or the ministry`s legal department to find the corresponding outsourcing/licensing agreement – refer to the school board canteen licensing models that are available through legal services. The licensing agreement allows schools to license a private operator for a fixed term, up to an agreed fee and under the terms of the licence agreement. He mentions the options when the lease expires, royalties, overdue funds, payment of services by the school, reimbursements, licensing costs, authorized use of premises, signage, general requirements for compliance with territorial laws, cleaning of premises and access, security requirements, insurance and compensation, repairs and maintenance, common spaces, canteen staff and changes to the lease. With regard to the creation and management of a cafeteria, schools must respect the conditions: the new school food and drink policy 2015 obliges school canteens, run either by associations of parents and citizens, or by private operators, to enter into licensing agreements or contracts with the school. In addition to the license agreement, private operators receive a disclosure statement. The advertising statement specifies the specific conditions of the canteen services to be provided, including: the dates of the leasing period, the hours of operation of the canteen, estimated expenses such as public services, pest control and regular maintenance costs, responsibilities for existing equipment and faucets on the premises, as well as any commercial surpluses and their availability. There must be a clear picture of the financial situation of the licensee. License agreements for canteens can be purchased by telephone number (02) 6205 9115 from Strategic Finance. The license and the corresponding supporting documents are then forwarded to the school.

Once the licensing agreements have been concluded and signed, a copy must be sent: the schedules attached to the licence agreement describe how they are applied in the company concerned, as well as all the rules and guidelines applicable to the provision of school canteen services. These aspects of the licensing agreement support the implementation of the ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy 2015 by meeting the tenant`s requirements: There are several contacts on this subject. Refer to the point of contact at the bottom of the page. Schools must also take into account the tax treatment of payments received and comply with the financial manual, section 15 taxes. Education Directorate Financial Strategy Level 1 Appendix220 Northbourne AvenueBraddon ACT 2612 Canteen Licenses Factsheet pdf Printable Version (237kb) A second document, The Disclosure Statement, also applies to private operators who lease such real estate for the purpose of providing canteen services. This document highlights the company`s financial situation and disbursements. . Instead of the two contracts that apply to private operators, the P-C Operated Canteens Canteen Services Deed is used when the school entrusts canteen services to P-C. In recognition of the advice and support of the Children`s Education and Care Assurance (CECA), Governance and Assurance, Education Directorate, ACT Government and Strategic Finance, Education and Training, ACT Government.

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