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Service Level Agreement For Ups

For UPS maintenance contracts, the coverage rate is directly proportional to the price. The larger the budget, the better the level of coverage. The three main levels of coverage are only preventive inspections, including remediation work and remediation measures. Ideally, customers would have a technician in the field 24 hours a day, every day. Unfortunately, few budgets allow this type of quick solution. As with sanitation room coverage, you should be careful when including emergency response times in a maintenance contract. Different reaction times can lead to significant differences in the price of a offered deal. Your business is not like any other and your maintenance contract should not be either. Dc Group takes the time to understand your business and budget and prepare the right maintenance plan for you. We carefully evaluate the location(s), number of uninterrupted power supply systems per site, KVA assessment, number of batteries, and number and diversity of components to determine the level of UPS service required. This can range from the single emergency service to our regular proactive maintenance plan in USD.

Don`t forget to ask us for multi-site discounts! Our preventive maintenance contracts include free powerTools Suite™ for optimized energy management. Regardless of what you indicate or what the offer means, you should know that the selected service provider can deliver as promised. Ask the representative if the company has the parts, testing equipment and expertise to provide quality service in a timely manner. Also find out how many field technicians represent the travel radius for your desired emergency response time and check the level of training required and technical support for employees who assist technicians in the field. Our most comprehensive and popular plan, this contract, offers optimized savings and comfort. The full service includes proactive planned maintenance to ensure the best performance (and efficiency) of your USG equipment. Full maintenance contracts also include 24/7/365 emergency service, PowerTools Suite™ energy management software as well as all parts and work. The fixed costs of this contract allow for budgeting and planning on the dollar. The main reason for any maintenance contract is the guarantee of the reliability and security of the system. It is therefore not surprising that it is proven that agreements with included preventive maintenance inspections justify a high level of reliability and safety of the equipment. End users who want to acquire UPS maintenance contracts need to take their time, as there are a large number of variables to consider. These variables include that emergency response time is the total time it takes for a service provider to arrive at a construction site after a request for emergency service has been submitted.

The response times shown can vary between 2 hours and 24 hours. The time required depends on the critical of the connected load, the configuration of the facility`s critical electrical infrastructure (redundant or non-redundant), and whether or not the facility can generate an on-site backup. This agreement applies to special usz maintenance services that are not covered by a regular service contract. Work and miles are charged at an agreed rate with a minimum work fee of 4 hours and travel expenses of 50 miles. To access our USD maintenance plans, please contact us and let us know the manufacturers and model as well as the year of installation of the ETC you are installing. If you have access to the service history, we may then conduct an evaluation and indicate a price for a health check inspection or a UPS maintenance contract. If we cannot support your USG for maintenance due to its age and/or the availability of spare parts, we can offer commissioning and upgrading to a more compact and energy-efficient system. For additional flexibility, contracts are annual (12 months), multi-year or proportional for several months per year. We can either stagger their UPS maintenance contract renewals throughout the year or with a simple renewal date.

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