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Software Beta Test Agreement

«Confidential Information» means any confidential data or information disclosed in any way by one party («Disclosed Party») of the other Party («Receiving Party») in a manner described as confidential. Non-exhaustive examples, confidential information includes data, information about a party`s financial position and forecasts, business and marketing plans, product plans, product prototypes, product test results, research data, market information, technical specifications, secret methods, manufacturing processes, source code of proprietary software, content of unpublished patent applications, customer lists, supplier lists, internal cost data, terms of contracts with employees and third parties. Information may be confidential information, regardless of the medium or manner in which it is disclosed, including oral disclosures or through printed or handwritten materials, e-mails or other electronic messages, fax or telephone. The assignment relates to the right of a party to assign or delegate its responsibilities or obligations to other undertakings. Developers will want to prevent testers from assigning their obligations, as this is not necessary in beta testing. On the other hand, the developer sometimes has to delegate part of his responsibilities to a third party. In this case, you must specify that in this clause, the obligations you can assign and whether prior consent of the tester is required. Here is an example of Kidizen: Please fill in the following information to start your beta test! By clicking on the CONSENT button below, I acknowledge my agreement with the conditions set out in this agreement. 12 GENERAL PROVISIONS This agreement does not authorize the customer to use park assist`s names or trademarks or beta testing for advertising, marketing or other activities.

Neither the customer nor Park Assist is obliged to purchase anything under this agreement. This agreement does not create an agency, partnership, joint venture or any other joint relationship. «Customer» means the natural or legal person who will test the [INX Product]. Dispute Resolution, Applicable Law and Jurisdiction. . . . .

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