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Stamp Duty Payable On Collaboration Agreement

Ques: Is there another important change regarding the taxation of cooperation agreements? Ans: An important point to remember is that the new provisions of the cooperation agreement only apply if the landowner is an individual or a HUF. Sir An estate in Chennai 2940 sq.ft owned by seven siblings. We plan to enter the entire Construction. With developer / Builder 4 units to build us 2 to developer Total 6213 sq.ft 6 units. 3 kept is sold for sale to the buyer. Implication stamp duty to be paid by the owner and the contracting authority consraction agreement sramp customs. All requests are forwarded to the owner through the contracting authority. Capitable Applicability Pl Sales Counterparty would be the value of stamp duty on your part of the property during the completion year added by the cash received this year.

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